MacIver Productions is a film production company providing project development and production services for features films, shorts and commercials. The company has offices in the US and in Bulgaria and offers variety of resources and locations across both continents.

Who are we?

         MacIver Productions was founded by Eric MacIver and Emanouil Angelov in 2013 with the simple goal of servicing U.S. and foreign productions and taking advantage of the unknown locations and cost benefits of Eastern Europe.


the team

Eric Maciver

        Eric is a member of the Producers Guild of America, working cinematographer and owner of the leading Hollywood Camera Rental House “Division Camera“(now The Camera Division).

Emanouil Angelov

   Emanouil has worked in Distribution for Paramount Pictures, Story Development at Sony Pictures and in various On-Set and Post-Production roles. Currently he's our main producer and manager at the Bulgarian offices.

Anatoli Netchev

        Anatoly is one of the most sought after UPMs in Bulgaria and has been involved in projects like Hitman, Crossing Lanes, Nobody Wants the Night, Dalida( Berlusconi) and major European advertising.

Ivan Menkachev

   Ivan has been there since the opening of the Sofia offices. He is our Associate Producer and has been involved in every production from idea, through development to distribution.

Kiril Sabev

   Kiril has moved from animation to screen writing and film production and is currently leading our development team dealing with all story related questions and also working with our writers. 

       With it’s unique approach of doing things “a la carte”, MacIver Productions provides the best Production Services and Professional Filmmaking Crews in Eastern Europe to help you create something special.



but where

●    Script Development/Consulting

●    Production Management

●    Production Accounting

●    VAT Reimbursement

●    Travel and Accommodations

●    Location Scout and Management

●    Production Offices and Office Equipment

●    Crew Selection

●    Sound Stages 600m-1000m

●    Wardrobe and Props

●    Special FX Make Up

●    Camera Equipment

●    DIT Lab and Color Grading

●    Grip and Lighting Equipment

●    Logistic Solutions

●    Transportation

●    Food Catering and Craft Service

●    Casting and Background Casting

●    Animal Wranglers

●    Stunt Team

eastern europe




        From high mountain tops to beautiful seaside, from meadows to the urban, from the ancient ancient ruins to modern architecture, all within the 3 hours travel range.   


        Bulgarian stunt crews are world famous and have been a part of numerous major productions over the past two decades, such as Mission Impossible, Jason Bourne, World War Z, Troy, London Has Fallen,  the HBO smash hit Game of Thrones and many others.  

cost benefits

       Bulgaria and the region has been a real filmmaker’s haven for the past few years, with big productions like 300, The Expendables, Black Dahlia, Kon Tiki, The Getaway, Hitman, Rome(HBO), Section Zero and festival darlings like Endless Night, The Way Back, Black Dahlia being filmed here.

        This has proven that the local crews are working at the same high standards as Hollywood, but with the benefit of one of the lowest per-shooting-day costs and highest quality labor pools in Europe.

..."lowest per-shooting-day costs"...